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    2020-09-23 00:00

    The Ministry of Education is committed to providing care and supports to our overseas students. During the annual workshop (Oct., 2020), we will invite representatives from the central governing authorities to deliver important information related to overseas students, including immigration regulations, governing employment, off-campus internship, health insurance, and etc. We hope that through the discussion and the information we provide will facilitate your transition to a new culture and community and lead a successful study in Taiwan. We encourage you to attend the meeting in the morning and join us for the fun cultural activity in the afternoon. It is also a great opportunity to engage with peers from other universities. 

    Make an inquiry to your advisors at the Office of International Affair at your institute about how to sign up.

    10月23日/Oct 23
    Venue: R326 Nan Shan Education and Training Center/ Shih Chen Company and 3:15PM 
    10月29日/Oct 29
    Venue: R201 NTUH International Convention Center/Kuo Yuan Ye Museum of Cake and Pastry(Shilin)
    10月30日/Oct 30
    Venue: 303B International Convention Center Kaohsiung/ Hakka Cultural Museum
    活動內容 Program
    08:30-09:30 報到 Registration
    09:30-09:40 開幕式 Welcome and Opening Remarks
    09:40-10:20 宣導事項 Overview of Overseas Student Information
    10:20-10:40 分組討論 Group Discussion
    10:40-10:50 休息 Break
    10:50-12:20 綜合座談 Q&A
    12:20-13:00 午餐 Lunch Break
    13:00-16:30 文教活動 Cultural Activities