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    2022-05-10 12:00


    Categories open for foreign and overseas Chinese students to work in Taiwan

    The approved works that foreign students and overseas Chinese students can apply for include 7 categories such as : A. Specialized or Technical Works, B. The Director or Manager of an Approved Business Invested or Established by Overseas Chinese or Foreigner(s), C. School teacher, D. Full-time Foreign Teacher in Cram School, E. Sports Coaching or Athlete, F. Arts and Performing Arts, G. Contracting Foreigners.
    • ​專門性或技術性工作  Specialized or Technical Works

    A01.營繕工程或建築技術工作 Civil Engineering or Practice of Architecture 

    Jobs for technical supervision in the civil engineering, quality supervision or architectural engineering planning, design, implementation and technical consultation.

    A02.交通事業工作  Communications and Transportation

    Jobs in land transportation, sea transportation, postal industry, telecommunications and tourism industry, meteorology industry, planning and management jobs.

    A03.財稅金融服務工作 Tax and Financial Services​  

    Jobs in securities & future trading, financial industry and insurance industry. 

    A04.不動產經紀工作 Practice of Real Estate Agency

    Employed in the real estate agencies should be brokerage or selling of real estates.

    A05.移民服務工作 Immigration Services

    Employed in the immigration service organizations should be offering consultation of immigration fund and brokerage services related to investment immigrating and the idea is to protect the rights of the immigrants, and other consultation services related to immigration.

    A06.律師、專利師工作 Practice of Attorneys, or of Patent Attorneys


    Lawyers/attorneys: shall qualify with lawyers/attorneys recognized in the Republic of China, or lawyers/attorneys specialize in foreign laws.
    Patent attorneys: shall qualify as patent attorneys.

    A07.技師工作 Practice of Technicians


    Professional engineers should obtain the license issued by the central competent authority as defined in the Professional Engineers Act, and the monthly amount of average salary shall be no less than NT $47,971, if no additional regulations. (Refer to Ref. Lao-Dong-Fa-Guan-Zi-10318099193 dated July 3, 2014.)

    A08.醫療保健工作 Health Care


    Jobs in healcare in a medical institution including medical organizations, health-care organizations, pharmacists and pharmacies, non-profit healthcare organizations, or other organizations allowed for foreigner-recruitment that recognized by the central competent authorities along with the specific authorities concerned at the central government level.


    A09.環境保護工作 Environmental Protection

    Jobs in personnel training, research and development of techniques, installations, operations and maintenances of pollution-prevention instruments

    A10.文化、運動及休閒服務工作 Culture, Sports, and Recreation Services

    Jobs in publication Industry, motion picture industry, wireless, cable, and satellite broadcasting (radio and television) industries, service industry related to arts, culture and sports, library and archive preserving industries, museums, historical heritages and other organizations dedicated to preserving cultural assets, and recreation & service industries: operation and management of theme parks or playgrounds.

    A11.學術研究工作 Academic Research

    The employer shall be a college or above, or an academic research institution or teaching hospital whose registration is approved by the central governing authorities pursuant to laws.

    A12.獸醫師工作 Practice of Veterinarians


    Foreign employees should obtain the veterinarian certificate issued by the authority concerned at the central government level. 


    A13.製造業工作 Manufacturing

    ★經營管理、研究、分析、設計、 規劃、維修、諮詢、機具安裝、技術指導等
    Operational management, research, analysis, design, planning, maintenance, consultation, instrument installation and technical supervision

    A14.批發業工作 Wholesales

    ★經營管理、設計、規劃、 技術指導等
    Operational management, design, planning and technical supervision

    A15.其他經會商中央目的事業主管機關指定之工作  Other Work Designated As Per the Joint Consultation of the Central Governing Authority and the Central Competent Authorities

    1.Operational management, design, planning and consultation in professional, technological or technical services.

    2.Serving as a chef in hospitality industry.

    ※Other work designated as per the joint consultation of the central governing authority and the central competent authorities please refer to Ref. 09405036752 dated June 6, 2005.

    B00. Overseas Chinese or Foreign Investment Officer
    BS0. Spouses of Foreign Professionals Taking partly-hours Works as the Director or Manager of an Approved Business Invested or Established by Overseas Chinese or Foreigner(s)
    From 2018 February 8, work permit application for school teacher shall be submitted to and issued by Ministry of Education.
    Foreigners be employed for teaching official language used in the country specified in the passport of the teacher in a short-term cram school registered in accordance with Supplementary Education Act.

    Foreigners who meet specific qualification be employed for sports coaching or athlete. For example, a sports coach should hold a National Coaching Certificate or an athlete should have participated in national or international sport competition.


    Jobs in arts or performing arts occupation in regulated work place.
    A foreign legal person appoints a foreigner worker to engage in works in order to perform contracts of construction, sale, technical cooperation and so forth necessities. The related regulation is different based on foreigners' staying period.